is Conducting a New Clinical Trial of GS-441524

Aktualizacja: 25 cze 2020

Since the original clinical trial by Niels C Pedersen , Michel Perron, Michael Bannasch, Elizabeth Montgomery, Eisuke Murakami, Molly Liepnieks and Hongwei Liu (,  tens of thousands of cats around the world have been treated and saved with GS-441524.  

Veterinarians and cat owners around the world have learned a great deal on how to use GS-441524 to combat the deadly Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus.  Their experience and knowledge are shared in real time across continents via social platforms such as Facebook, WeChat, and WhatsApp groups.  

We have been privileged to partake in this powerful global crowd-sourced learning.  Our goal for conducting a new round of clinical trial is to update the original findings by increasing the dosage to between 5-10mg/kg based on the severity of FIP infection, expand the selection of cats to include those with neurological or relapsed conditions.  Through our real world clinical study we hope to gain new insights and deepen our understanding of FIP treatment using GS-441524. 

If you would like to partake in our clinical trial, please contact us via our website or email us at so we may learn about your cat's case.  We will publish an official summary upon its completion.  Published by:

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