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Aktualizacja: 2 paź 2020

After watching the recently "stately" US presidential debate between Trump and Biden (YouTube video here), I was greeted with a similar dramatic email from one of our customers which I will share with you below. It indirectly confirmed our earlier article on the FIP Warrior organisation.

Just to provide you with some background info on this new drama...

FIP Warriors has long been the most popular and the largest FIP cat owner self help organisation on Facebook. They have helped (by our estimate) tens thousands of cat owners obtain various qualities of GS-441524 for the treatment of Feline Infectious Peritonitis. This self help organisation acted as a bridge between cat owners and Chinese domestic GS-441524 manufacturers. Today FIP Warrior chapters can be found in North and South Americas, Europe and Asia.

Despite their overall good work, many admins inside of the Facebook group seems to be more interested in making sales than providing the best quality GS-441524 to cat owners. They have also used some very unsavoury practices to steer desperate and uninformed cat owners away from reputable brands. These practices included:

  • Selling untested, poor quality GS-441524 to cat owners.

  • Claiming they have test reports when they don't.

  • Claiming they have no financial interests when they do.

  • Demanding fees from GS manufacturers to represent their products to cat owners.

  • Using scare-tactics to dissuade cat owners from buying brands they don't represent.

  • Delete positive comments and supplier information about brands they don't represent from FIP Warriors Group posts.

  • Making unsubstantiated claims to discredit brands they don't represent such as claiming that the concentration is not true, the quality is not good, the offer is a scam, and going as far as claiming that competitor's GS have higher relapse rate than brands they recommend.

We know this because many of our customers who are also members of FIP Warrior Group tell us of their experience speaking with FIP Warrior Admins. They were told of these things about our brand, but decide to trust us with the treatment of their cats. In each case, we did our best to merit the trust they have given us. These Admins' false claims have indirectly made us more transparent by forcing us to publish internal test reports to show that we are indeed offering the highest purity of GS-441524 we can source, and with concentration and volume that is equal or higher than stated in our website.

But this post is not about us or our disappointment with the behaviours of FIP Warrior Admins. Below we share the email from our customer to you as further evidence of what we revealed in the previous article.

This is a recent public mud-smearing exchange between Mutian (a brand represented by FIP Warriors) and the Founder of FIP Warrior Group.

OH...but she is not finished.. To offer more evidence to this very public denouncement, Mutian owners showed us screenshots of their private business discussions.

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