Why CUREFIP is AWESOME, 6 Reasons!

HIGHEST QUALITY: Whether you choose 5ml or 7ml, you are getting the purest and highest concentration GS-441524 per vial on the market today. 17mg/ml of concentration, ≥99% purity.

LESS PAINFUL INJECTIONS: daily injections become increasingly difficult as your cat regains strength and begins to recognise syringe and the person giving injections. Our higher concentration GS formulation enables doctors to inject less GS-441524 per KG of body weight, reducing difficulty and pain associated with injections.

EXPERTISE: We have seen more FIP cases than most doctors. We have completed a real world clinical trial using our GS-441524. We will answer all your questions in a knowledgeable and responsive manner. Think of it as getting an expert dedicated FIP team for your cat.

FAST RESPONSE: You will get a response to your questions from us within 12 hours, no matter what time zone you live in.

SHIPPING: DHL/FEDEX are fast. But that’s not all there is to getting the treatment. We provide import documents and an agent to help you complete importation requirements, so you can get the treatment started within the shortest time possible.

YOU SAVE MONEY: We save you money two ways. 1. We lower your potential import tax by 80%, saving you hundreds of euros in import duty. 2. Through our higher concentration and higher purity, you will need to inject less GS-441524 per KG of body weight, and reduce the chance of relapse in the future.

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